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Cathie Ransom


I must confess I absolutely love what I do!  Having been the owner and founder of the popular wedding venue known as Los Willows for over 25 years, I took on the challenge of developing another fabulous wedding venue that we call Paradise Falls.  These two sites may be sisters but far from being alike!  People often ask me what site do I love the most and I must say that it’s like having two children with totally different personalities so how do you answer such a question, when you love them both equally!

We have such a talented and devoted team of wedding professionals on staff that I am now working in the background doing non-glamorous work such as deciding on what is our next major improvement to the venues.  This last year, Paradise Falls exploded in popularity propelling us to add even more improvements that dazzle our brides.  I hope that you visit both “sisters” to see which is your favorite.

When I have time off, I love spending time with my family and our branch managers aka Brandy and Buffy, which are my canine kids!  We also have launched our own charity called “Vows for Vets” which sponsors a free wedding every year to a combat wounded veteran.  We just married our 8th couple and looking forward to more weddings in the future.

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