When to Hire a Wedding Planner

When planning a wedding, the devil is in the details. There is just so much to think about, and with today’s couples who are juggling two careers and perhaps even children, planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. That’s why so many couples—and parents who are just as busy as their kids—hire a wedding planner. It certainly makes sense to hire someone who has years of expertise to plan an event that is going to cost thousands of dollars. Most people don’t plan large parties for hundreds of people every day, so hiring someone to do it for you just might save everyone’s sanity. A good wedding planner will make the day go smoothly so that everyone from the bride and groom, to the parents and guests will be happy and be able to relax and enjoy the big day knowing everything is taken care of.

What To Look For When Hiring Your Wedding Planner

Where can you find these special event planners? Well, one option is to go with a wedding planner or coordinator who works at your wedding venue. Another option is to pay close attention to planners of other weddings that you attend. Obviously, you’ll want to hire a wedding planner who has experience, so if you’ve gone to a wedding recently that went smoothly or the bride gushed about her wedding planner, that’s a great starting point. Personal referrals are one of the leading ways people find firms to handle their weddings. But just because your best pal loved her planner doesn’t mean that’s the one for you. Your personalities will have to mesh—and mesh well—because you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person. If you find that you’re butting heads along the way, that’s only going to add more stress in your life at a time when you just don’t need it. In addition to finding someone with whom you can get along, there is a list of other attributes your wedding planner absolutely must have before you sign any contract. Make sure your wedding planner meets your needs.

Tips To Make Your Wedding Day Perfect: Hire The Right Planner

If you want your wedding day to be perfect, then hire the perfect wedding planner for you. The following are some things to consider:

  • Do you need a full service? The answer to this question is often determined by your budget. If you hire a service to handle every detail of your wedding, it will cost you more money.
  • Do you only need them to contact vendors and venues? Some services will offer packages that offer basic help, such as only handling basic needs, such as finding a DJ, venue, caterer, flower shop, etc.
  • A “Day-Of” coordinator. This person simply makes certain everything is on track. They confirm everything for you and make sure all is in order 30 days out from your wedding day. Many venues have these types of coordinators on staff. Which leads us to the next important question to ask:
  • Does your venue have an in-house wedding planner? Hiring an in-house planner typically entails “day-of” services; essentially, this person will take care of everything on your actual wedding day, but may not be as involved in the planning process beforehand.

Questions Brides Should Ask Before Hiring A Planner

Brides are experts at creating checklists, so here’s yet another one: questions to ask a wedding planner during your interview:

  • How much experience do you have? How many weddings have you planned?
  • What was your biggest disaster and how did you handle it?
  • Are you a full-time wedding planner? Will you personally be handling my wedding or a member of your staff?
  • What services and packages do you offer and what is the pricing?
  • Can you handle a non-traditional wedding?
  • How many clients do you have? How many weddings are you currently working on?
  • Do you have a certification? Training? Did you intern with anyone before opening you own business?
  • Do you have any conflicting weddings on my wedding date?

Hiring a wedding planner can be expensive, so don’t hire someone you don’t feel comfortable with. Even if they come highly recommended, if you don’t feel right about the service, then look elsewhere. A good wedding planner makes for a happy bride.

Paradise Falls Has Wedding Planners on Staff

wedding planner can be integral to the wedding planning process, or even just to the smoothness of the event on the day of. The staff of Paradise Falls, a rustic wedding ceremony and reception venue in San Diego, collectively has a great deal of experience with wedding planning. Contact Paradise Falls today for more information!

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