Choosing Your Menu

If you are planning a wedding in San Diego or anywhere else in the nation, then you probably know that one of the most important things to consider when picking among reception sitesis the menu. Though it seems like a simple detail, the menu can actually determine the overall price of your wedding. The variety of foods now served at weddings is truly astounding—as are the ways the meals are served. Because of this variety, there are a great deal of options available to modern brides. It all comes down to what the bride wants for her wedding, the budget, and what the venue can offer. While some venues will have extremely limited options—fish, chicken or beef for example—other venues can create just about anything the bride can imagine. When picking a venue, this should be a huge consideration. Some venues will insist they prepare the food in their own kitchens, but other reception sites, especially in San Diego where new ideas pop up everyday, will allow the party to bring in more specialized food from elsewhere.

With A Wedding, Variety May Be The Spice Of Life

The best wedding venues have several selections to pick from, as well as a variety of ways to serve the food. In San Diego, food stations are popular among brides, who like to give their guests several choices within one certain type of food. The stations could be roast beef, salmon, pasta, etc., so that there is something for everyone. Brides can choose a buffet-style service or have meals delivered individually. The way the food is served, and the variety of dishes offered, can often set the overall tone of the wedding. For example, Paradise Falls, one of the top wedding venues in San Diego, offers brides a huge variety of dishes, providing everything from pasta to quinoa. The venue even offers lunches for weekday weddings, a cost-effective and charming alternative for brides who are either on a budget or want a reception that’s a bit more low-key. Not everyone has an unlimited budget, notes that Los Willows Wedding Director Liza Isaacson, which is why the best wedding venues in San Diego and elsewhere should have less expensive alternatives for cost-conscious brides.

Catering Trucks A New Trend For Weddings

A new trend for weddings being seen at reception sites in San Diego and around the country is catering –not just by an outside company, but by that outside company’s truck. That’s right – a truck! Not all venues allow catering trucks to serve at their weddings, but it is a growing trend to which many venues are paying close attention. Having such a choice can allow a bride to have a specific menu not offered by her venue of choice. The number of catering trucks and the variety of food they specialize in is almost unlimited. For example, an environmentally-conscious couple could have a “green” caterer—one whose trucks runs on alternative fuels or is electric, and offers foods that are either entirely organic, vegetarian, or gluten-free. Some venues may not be able to accommodate such requests, which makes these catering trucks a good alternative. Your venue may not advertise this service, but if you have specific needs, it doesn’t hurt to ask if your venue is aware of and okay with this new wedding. Many venues want to take advantage of the new cutting edge trends in order to attract more brides – which is likely why catering trucks are taking reception sites in San Diego by storm!

How To Keep Wedding Menu Costs Down

Many reception and ceremony locations in San Diego are offering more cost-effective wedding packages in this economy. Reception sites across the country are following suit in an effort to hold elegant weddings for smaller costs. As stated above, your wedding menu can greatly affect the overall cost of your reception, so the best thing a reception location can offer right now is cost-effectiveness when it comes to food options. So what are some more cost-effective alternatives that can still give your wedding reception the elegance you want? One of the best ways to have an elegant-looking wedding and keep food costs down is to have fun food stations, such as a pasta station with a choice of different pastas, a salad station, a bread station with a variety of breads, even a potatoes station where guests can choose between a variety of mashed, roasted, or baked potatoes. If food is plentiful and well-presented, no one is going to notice that the selections you’ve made are inexpensive—they’ll only remember that they enjoyed what they ate because you had so many choices. Be creative and find a venue that is willing to work with you to keep your wedding menu costs where you can afford them. Among the many reception locations in San Diego, many brides have found that Paradise Falls offers them the most value, ensuring simple elegance without burning holes in their metaphorical pockets.

Learn More about Paradise Falls

Paradise Falls, a stunning wedding estate nestled among in the agricultural district of Oceanside, California, offers affordable and diverse wedding packages that provide multiple menu options. Contact Paradise Falls today for more information!

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