How to Choose a Wedding Venue

Perhaps one of the biggest decisions an engaged couple can make is what venue to book for your wedding. Sometimes choices can seem overwhelming, but have no fear: there are, in fact, some easy ways to narrow down your choices. The size of your planned affair can determine where you book your wedding; however, most venues can accommodate more intimate affairs in addition to larger, more elaborate receptions. However, knowing how many guests you plan to invite is a good first step in determining where you’ll host your wedding. Further, location, atmosphere, budget, and, of course, availability can also contribute to your decision. Most venues—especially the more popular ones—recommend you book your wedding as soon as you set a date. Wait too long, and you just might miss out on the wedding of your dreams—or at least the venue you had your heart set on. Book your wedding as early as possible.

How Do You Choose A Wedding Venue?

When you choose a wedding venue, it’s a very personal choice for the bride and groom. If you live near the ocean, do you want your wedding by the water? A garden venue is popular, while some couples would rather hold their wedding at a hotel for convenience. Where you have your wedding will help you set the theme for your event. It’s also important to have your reception at a location that is used to having weddings. Putting on a wedding reception is not for the faint of heart; it requires knowledge, patience and experience. Wedding receptions need to work like clockwork, and venues that have years of experience, like Paradise Falls, will help the bride and groom to relax, rather than worry about minute details. If you want your wedding reception to go off without a hitch, then it might be best to choose a wedding venue that has several years’ experience.

How To Choose Between Two Venues You Love

Believe it or not, if you have to choose between two venues, price should not be the deciding factor. Other factors are far more important than price if you are between two venues you love. For example, many large venues will have more than one wedding going on at a time. Or they might be hosting a birthday party for a teenager, a retirement party or a corporate event at the same time that they are hosting your wedding. You should not only know if there are other events booked, but what they are so that they don’t interfere with your wedding. Do you really want to hear a hard bass beat in the background while you’re dancing to “Daddy’s Little Girl” with your father? If this is a concern, it might be best to select a venue that holds only one event at a time and isn’t a “reception mill.” If you have to choose between two venues, pick the one that puts you first.

Look for a Wedding Venue With Experienced Management

People will remember your wedding—don’t let anyone convince you that your wedding venue and who is handling all the details at your reception isn’t important. It is. You are going to spend thousands of dollars, invite the people you love most in the world, and you not only want them to have a good time, you want them to think back on your wedding as a joyous occasion that was amazing. While of course budget must be a consideration, other factors are actually more important. And experience is perhaps the most important one of them. Will the management at the venue work with you? Do they return phone calls? Will they take your concerns and worries seriously? Are they willing to work with you? Do your personalities mesh? When choosing a wedding venue, it’s important to look at the little details that will make the big “wedding” picture they way you want it to be.

We have Been Hosting Weddings for Over 20 Years

The wedding coordinators and staff of Paradise Falls, a luxurious garden wedding venue in San Diego, have a great deal of experience with wedding planning. The ceremony and reception garden estate can provide the picturesque backdrop for your future perfect wedding.  Contact Paradise Falls today for more information!

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