Advice From A Current Bride!

Advice From A Current Bride!

Congratulations, you have now selected your wedding venue! Well now you are probably thinking what comes next? I am a current bride-to-be and I am giving you my knowledge and advise. If I had this information when I started this process it would have helped immensely. Well ladies and gentleman the next few moments are …

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It’s The Morning Of Your Wedding, Now What!?

It’s The Morning Of Your Wedding, Now What!? Your wedding day is finally here and thousands of emotions are going through you! Crazy right!? You have dreamt of this day since you have been a little girl. “Well, now what do I do?” You stop and think to yourself, “I am getting married! Where do …

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Wedding Testimonials

We’ve been delighted to receive so many letters & videos over the years from our couples who have chosen Paradise Falls for their wedding venue.  It is our pleasure to welcome everyone with open arms to enjoy what we have created and hope that all the guests that have come to visit us have had …

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It’s Time to Party!

Large bridal parties make for really fun photographs!  It can be tough to manage that many people at once… and in a very limited amount of time!! As you must quickly pose everyone, get your lighting right and try to make it fun at the same time! Do a little research, print off a few poses …

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This might seem like a funny topic for a blog, but really it’s not.  Property amenities, such as restrooms, are very important to making a business be successful and offer peace of mind to the guests who are visiting our facility.  Also, here at Paradise Falls we’ve been doing quite a few makeovers around the …

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Bridal Cottage/Salon

How would YOU like to enjoy the quiet time before your ceremony relaxing and hanging out with your bridal party? How about in our private cottage complete with a professionally designed salon giving you the opportunity to get your hair and makeup done conveniently on site? If YES is your answer, then you’ve come to …

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Bundt Cakes

When thinking of different options for your wedding cake, maybe try a Bundt Cake.  They’re another great dessert selection because you still get a tasty cake consistency at a very affordable price (the lack of frosting and piping cut down on labor expenses).  Place one on each table as a unique centerpiece (giving your guests …

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Rustic & Chic Table Setting

When it comes to setting the room, the possibilities are endless.  You may want to create a rustic table for your guests, be sure to keep one word in mind: “simple”.  Use a textured runner down the center of your table, keep things low so your guests will able to see the person that sits …

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Two Beautiful Brides

Totally taken with each other, these two beautiful brides Carlie & Lauren spent their romantic wedding day here with us in Paradise. There’s not too many places in the month of December that you can have a outdoor wedding & reception.  If that’s what you’re looking for, then please give us a call or stop …

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Get Creative with your Wedding!

Having a theme in mind can help tie in all the details for your wedding, from the colored glassware, to place cards, table numbers & invitations.  What makes it really fun is that you can personalize it to your liking and give it the WOW factor like this one we had a few weeks ago.

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